Putting Codimag’s Aniflo in the spotlight

Codimag commissioned Tippetts And Partners to promote its Aniflo printing presses to European and Latin American self-adhesive label markets through an international media relations campaign. Sectors targeted included wines and non-food.

Aniflo technology, pioneered by Codimag, uses dry-offset plates and inks that are supplied with a simple, stable anilox inking system. It delivers high-definition quality, short time to print, minimal manual input as well as high output – making it ideal for short and medium runs.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Feature-length case studies on Codimag Aniflo press owners in Labels & Labelling International, featuring wine label converters Imprimerie Billet, France (2018) and Labelgrafic, Spain (2019)
  • Technical articles opinion pieces explaining Aniflo and extended gamut technology to the label and packaging market in Converting Today, Etiketten-Labels, El Empaque y Conversión (Latin America) and Labels and Labeling International
  • A drip feed of press releases including Labelexpo show previews, agency appointments and performance enhancements


  • Coverage of feature-length articles equivalent to GBP 50,000 in advertising spend
  • Raised awareness of advantages of Aniflo technology in label value chain